Very nice and thought-provoking. We have to do better in the world about preserving our precious planet.
Posted By: Anonymous
It was 20 years in 1969. The year of the moon landing. There is something on the internet stating "a hoax" Why are people disparaging. I want to know. Thanks.
Posted By: Ian Franklin
Lovely Display! Where would I be without the ocean? It is one of my favorite places! Thank you for promoting awareness.
Posted By: Anonymous
WOW- Bring back Memories. Thank you.
Posted By: Anonymous
Beautiful exhibit!! The colors are vibrant and eye-catching!
Some minor corrections:
Global sea levels rose...
Global warming has an impact...
Global warming is causing a load of Damage
At some point, the earth will be too hot
Nevertheless great exhibit!! I like that you allow people to make comments with the markers
Posted By: anonymous
Beautiful exhibit
Posted By: anonymous
Dear Mrs. Huong,

It was very nice meeting you last Friday, I hope you remember me, I was with my mother. We really enjoy meeting you, we believe you are a very nice person. Also we think your art is just remarkable, really lovely, one of the best in South Florida; as sharing some of your pictures on facebook, I had many people ask for your paints, and your name, they told me they saw your art before and they read an article in Vogue or Vanidades; they were very happy to know you have a gallery in Miami.

So I just want to say thank you again for your time.
Posted By: Silvia Stana Rebac, PA Real Estate Services.
Quietness in work art
Posted By: Richard C
Very inspiring and colorful
Posted By: Sylvie Chavbonneau
Wonderful effort to spread awareness of global warming, nature and a sustainable planet
Posted By: Vincent Esposito
Wonderful display. Loved the comments on the art quotes! Made me want to study more on conservations and the Everglades.
Posted By: Neise Moraes
What an amazing exhibit. your work is well-informed and greatly diverse. If I had the time, I'd love to sit down and really observe it all in an hour or so. Your use of color and shapes to draw attention to this real issue is wonderful. keep up the great work. Thank you for sharing with our community.
Posted By: Emma
Very nice! Help reduce greenhouse gas emissions!
Posted By: Frank M Brill
Thought-provoking. Also, it gets people communicating. It gets me thinking, what can I do? Thank you.
Posted By: Nik
Thank you again for your great work. We never know how we change the world because as we change it, we can never know how it would have been without us...
Posted By: Robert Noval
Wonderful art- Please continue this important exhibit!
Posted By: A&R
Amazing art. I and my husband really love it and enjoy this moment taking tons of the pictures with this
Posted By: Tanya and fai Thailand
Inspiring! A great stimulus to a fellow artist. Keep provoking us into ever-increasing stretches into positive activism. Honor to meet you!. Thanks!
Posted By: Cliff
Beautiful, you are so blessed with your talent and your love for the world. Keep it up. God bless you always, love.
Posted By: Dory
This message was very profound. I hope people would wake up and understand what it means and do better. Very beautiful
Posted By: Dallanara Rivas
The Global Warming exhibit is absolutely amazing. Its full of color and displays a wonderful and powerful story behind the art
Posted By: Diane Jessup
Absolutely amazing. Such an important message. Interested!
Posted By: Bliss
Very beautiful and exciting love it!
Posted By: Dora
Beautiful colors and powerful message, we need to take better care of our world
Posted By: Carmen
Beautiful peace, truly inspiring. Keep up the good work!
Posted By: Ruhal
Beautiful and powerful. Thank you for your vision of many!
Posted By: Marlena Guest
Very nice and interesting
Posted By: Jessica Calvo
Thank you for sharing this important message with the masses. It was a pleasure to meet you!
Posted By: Sarah Alfonso
Thank you for telling the world, showing the world, this powerful truth. Please continue with this advocacy. Be blessed!
Posted By: Lisa Lewis
Very beautiful. I wish I knew how to do that. Keep up the good work :)
Posted By: Ivannia J. Andrews

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